Welcome to Realm of Cyndora ARK Server!

Server Name: Realm of Cyndora – ARK Server


Mods installed: Click here for mod collection on Steam

1. No Hateful Conduct or Excessive Harassment 
2. No Chat abuse
3. No Racism

4. No Griefing (damaging a player’s buildings/dinos unless during war) (see Rules of War)
5. No Tribe or Player Name Abuse
6. No Cheating
7. No Impersonation
8. No Spamming

– Third-Person Enabled
– Crosshairs Enabled
– Downloads Enabled
– Player Map Location Enabled
5x Tame Speed
2.5x Gather Speed
2.5x XP Speed
– Max wild dino lvl: 150
– Admin Logging Enabled

  • Extra Server Notes

    – We have admin logging enabled so that ALL players on the server can see if any Admin uses commands 
    – We can make private Discord voice channels upon request. Please ping the admins (KhaoticGhost or Navi). 
    – Be respectful of the amount of structures and/or area your tribe inhabits.

    Admins Will NOT:

    – Replace Items or Dinos lost to bugs in the game 
    – Hand out loot from glitched drops 
    – Destroy a player’s belongings


Follow the rules and report cheaters and abuse!

Admins reserve the right to punish players who abuse / cheat / break rules.

Please take screenshots or videos to help report rule breaking and submit reports to Navimaster@gmail.com. Admins will closely monitor reported players and take swift action.